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Sponsor’s Round – Southern Districts

In the lead up to this season’s first Battle of the Beaches this coming weekend in Manly, all Rats supporters should be salivating with anticipation given the outstanding performance again by this entire Club last weekend.

Just to help heighten the levels, watch a highlight reel chock full of highlights from another brilliant 1st Grade win against Southern Districts on Saturday.”

Final score was 38–7.

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Super Rugby Rats Head Coach Mark Gerrard.

Super Rugby: Former Wallaby Mark Gerrard says there’s ‘no winners’ in the Israel Folau saga that has rocked the code, while also touching on the upcoming round 14 action of Super Rugby.

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Warringah Rugby Club is celebrating 150th Grade Games by their 1st Grade Captain Hamish Angus against Southern Districts this Saturday 18 May 2019.

Hamish has had an incredible career to date and it’s not over yet. He has been a dual Kan Catchpole medal winner and part of the Club’s 2017 Premiership Shute Shield winning team. Hamish has also served as a Player Director and continues to lead on and off the paddock. Phillip Parsons, WRC President says “I suspect Hamish might be a President in waiting and I don’t doubt would do a better job than me. I’m personally grateful for Hamish’s huge contribution to the club, we are so much better for it. Congratulations Hamish on a 150 well played games”.

Hamish is an outstanding person, a true gentleman and deserves the Club’s recognition of this milestone. Hamish, as Captain, will lead the 1st Grade side onto the field, clapped on by 2nd Grade and other Club players and a post-game celebration which all supporters are invited to attend in the Clubhouse.

Fellow WRC 1st Grade player and halves partner, Josh Holmes, said “I’ve been lucky enough to play nearly all 150 games with Hamish. He is a massive role model at the club and is our inspirational captain. He is a great role model for young kids and is a big part of why this club has been so successful over the last year few years. I’m sure on Saturday he will be very excited, and his eyebrows will be nice and pointy!!”.

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Friends of Warringah Showcase.

So tell me about FOW?

The FOW was re-formed in 2010 to provide financial assistance to WRC during some particularly tough times at Rat Park. The FOW had been in existence prior to that in several forms having been originally founded by former WRC President, John Heffernan, in the late 1980’s. The aim of the FOW is to provide financial assistance to Rats. Currently, the FOW have over 50 members who contribute $1,000p.a. each to help fund special projects at Rat Park.


What is, in your view, the greatest achievement for FOW.

The FOW members have much to be proud of and have contributed to the Rats being one of the premier rugby clubs in Australia. The refurbishment of the gym a few years ago was a major project for the FOW (it should be remembered that the FOW members funded the building of the initial Rats gym in the late 1980’s) and together with S&C Coach, Dan Tilley, and the previous GM, Luke Holmes, we have upgraded the Rats gym significantly. Last year, the FOW invested significantly in upgrading the medical equipment used by the Club Doctor and Physiotherapists. The FOW purchased an additional defibrillator, a stretcher with neck brace, crutches along with upgrading the lighting and bedding in the medical room. Obviously, we want our players to have the best care available to them when they need it. In addition, we continue to invest into Junior Rugby on the northern beaches and this year we have Sam Needs, Rats First XV front rower, coaching the junior clubs and representative sides in scrummaging, neck protection and general rugby skills. This new initiative seems to be well received by the Junior clubs. In the past, we have also funded the Green and White Academy which is a training camp run by the Rats over the summer months for junior players.



Tell us about the FOWRF Community Lunch on the 19 July 2019 and tell me, why should our supporters attend?

The FOW Community Lunch is being held on Friday 19 July 2019 at the Park House Hotel with special guest speakers former Rat and Wallaby, Brett Sheehan, and Manly Sea Eagle and Kangaroo, Geoff Toovey. It should be a fun afternoon hearing from these two tough, cheeky, feisty half-backs talk about their careers. Proceeds raised from the lunch will be invested back into Junior Rugby on the northern beaches i.e. equipment, training gear and specialised coaching. Junior rugby is the prime focus of the FOW for 2019 because without more kids playing rugby the harder it will become for the Rats in the future. It is the start of the pathway for our next Wallabies.


Why should a WRC supporter join FOW and how can they join?

Interested parties can look at our website or call any of the FOW Committee. We welcome any new members. Our only reason for our existence is to support WRC and rugby at all levels on the peninsula.


Can you explain the FOW’s new “Foundation” status and how this helps other traditional WRC supporters provide assistance to the Club.

This year the FOW registered with the Australian Sports Foundation. The great thing about this is that it makes the FOW membership fees tax deductible…this can only be a good thing.


Looking into the 2019 season, what are the goals for FOW coming into the middle 3rd of the season.

To continue to invest in Junior rugby on the peninsula…the best thing we can do for the Rats is to help grow the number of participants playing the game.


What excites you most about the 2019 season.

All Rats supporters are proud when local juniors are selected to represent at higher levels. Watching players like Scott Fardy, Pat McCabe and more recently, Emily Robinson, Chloe Dalton, Ellia Green, Rory O’Connor and Seb Wileman, obtain professional contracts is fantastic. We all share in their successes. I think all the FOW members love watching the new crop of players as they make their rugby journey…anyway…what is better than an afternoon at Rat Park?

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Warringah Vs Randwick Video Highlights.

Please enjoy this week’s video highlights package of a fabulous win by our 1st Grade warriors.

The whole Club is building into what promises to be a very special season. Wins like the last two against Gordon and now Randwick, built on guts, determination and good old fashioned hard work for each other, means so much more than just the competition points.

If you want to see the best rugby being played in the country, get down to Rat Park this Saturday when Warringah Rugby Club takes on the invaders from south of the bridge, Southern Districts.

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Player Profile – Sam Needs.

When did you start playing rugby, at what junior club and what position do you play.
I started playing rugby when I was 8 for the South West Rocks Gaolers (now defunct) up on the mid north coast. My position was a goal kicking fullback.
WRC believe that our Sponsors, Supporters and our Players are our finest assets. They are characterised by qualities such as loyalty, commitment and generosity which make the strong foundation of our ‘family’. Who do you feel showcases the Club’s core values and why?
I think someone like Josh Holmes showcases these characteristics. He’s been around the club since he was kid and followed that pathway through to Super Rugby level and Aussie 7’s, and his commitment to the club and team is demonstrated every time he steps on the field to train or play. He passes on his knowledge and experiences to others which is what will continue to make the club stronger.
To date, what is your greatest achievement you are most proud of? On or off the field.
Off the field – marrying my beautiful wife Jess :). On the field – winning the Shute Shield with Rats in 2017.
What was your experience like playing rugby in Japan as an expat. Would you recommend this to upcoming Rats players? How did you evolve as a prop rugby player during this time?
My rugby experience in Japan was frustrating – it’s a very different mentality and approach to the game which was difficult to get my head around, and because of this, it wasn’t very enjoyable. Would I recommend upcoming Rats players to go? I guess it depends on what they’re wanting to achieve and get out of the experience. For me, and the time of my career it was a good decision for my wife and I. The experience of Japan as a country was amazing, and we had the opportunity to do a fair amount of travelling which was awesome. In terms of evolving as a prop whilst in Japan, I don’t think I’ve ever had to get so low to pack a scrum before!
Tell us about Scrum Strong and how this came into formation.
Scrum Strong is our business name which encompasses all things relating to the scrum. The book Scrum Science came about out of frustration on how our club was coaching the scrum. It started out as me just venting to my computer (because Jess was sick of hearing it)! I thought “if you were to teach the scrummaging fundamentals from the ground up, what would that look like”, and before too long, there was 120 pages of it!
In February 2019, you launched your book “Neck Protech” what was your motivation in writing your second book and why.
Neck Protech came about after a series of life-changing spinal injuries in Australia last year. There’s no program in place, particularly for junior players on the importance of training the neck for injury prevention. Together with Sam Ward, Scott Hoare and Dr David Steven, we put together this program to help reduce the risk of a spinal injury on the field.
Lastly, what excites you most about the 2019 season?
What excites me the most about the 2019 season is how close the competition is. Everyone is beating everyone, and the ladder is so tight. It’s great to see that no one is safe from anyone, and there’s no easy games.
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