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First Responder Profile.

First Responder Profile. Sarah Carrington.


Tell us in 30 seconds about yourself. I am a country girl, born and bred in Orange. I had a short stint out at Parkes before making the move to Sydney for work in 2006. After getting long service leave at my first job at the ripe old age of 25, I took a year’s leave and travelled the world. When I returned back to work, I was sent to the Northern Beaches and have been living here for the last 9 years.   I am a keen adventure traveller and am lucky that my Husband (James) enjoys this type of travelling as well. We opted to hike to Everest Base Camp for our Honeymoon last year before spending a couple of weeks in India.


When did you start playing rugby and how did you end up playing for the Ratettes? I started playing rugby in 2012. One of the other Ratettes, Sarah Laman, was at the same gym as me and asked me if I would be keen to come down to a training session and try rugby. I felt rude saying no, even though I had no interest in playing contact sport. It turns out I really enjoyed it and have been turning up to play ever since!


This weekend’s games have been named “First Responder” round and you volunteer at the SES. Tell me about your role at SES and how you and other volunteers make a difference to our community. I joined the SES in February this year. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time and after finishing my University commitments, finally joined up. I am in the process of being trained at the moment and recently got to go out on my first volunteer job a couple of weeks ago when we had some bad weather. We predominantly respond to storm and flood related incidents, however, assist with many other types of scenarios as well. I believe volunteers play a massive role in our community. Volunteers are usually going to the nitty gritty jobs that a lot of people don’t want to do. They do it willingly to help make a difference for others.


How was your holiday visiting your friends and family in Bundaberg? Must be hard living away from immediate family.  What does the Rats family mean to you?  It was a great trip for James and me. We have friends and family spread out along the East Coast of Australia and after two of my closest friends recently had babies, we decided to take a road trip to see them all. My immediate family are still in Orange (with the exception of my twin sister who is in Melbourne) and James’ immediately family are all in Wellington, New Zealand. It can be hard sometimes, as we don’t have that immediate support. We try to get over to New Zealand at least once a year and out to Orange a couple of time a year though.

The Rats family means a lot to me. I am so grateful to have been welcomed with open arms into this great rugby family. I have made lifelong friends in this club and know that the Rats will always be a part of my life now.


Tell us about a person that you admire at the Club. Why do you think they have made an important impact? There are many people that I admire at the club. I think Erin Morton is on top of this list though. She has been involved with the Ratettes since its formation 25 years ago, firstly as a player and then as a coach. She has dedicated countless hours over the years to grow women’s rugby in Sydney and to help players in our team move through to representative level, both Waratahs and Wallaroos.


Congratulations on completing your Bachelor of Business – Accounting, at the Swinburne University of Technology. This is a huge achievement juggling full time work, part time study and your endless list of other commitments. What’s next for your career, where to from here?  Thank you, it definitely wasn’t easy at times and I am glad it is done. I currently work for Asahi Premium Beverages and have been with them for 8 years now. I really enjoy working for them and will hopefully look at opportunities with them.


How is married life treating you?  What’s the best thing about marrying James & how would he best describe you.? It is great, James is really supportive of everything I do. He is always encouraging me to challenge myself and sometimes joins me for some of the crazy things I do, like the Sydney2Canberra charity bike ride I participate in every year. If he was to describe me as anything, it would be that I am non-stop. I very rarely stop to have down time and often have mates laughing at me at what I consider a pretty quiet weekend.


You said on your Facebook profile that you had “The best afternoon at Manly Oval!” at the recent Derby Day.  What is your best hang over cure, and did you need to employ it after celebrating’s Warringah Rats great win? Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any cure for hang overs once you reach your thirties. I do, however, force myself to get out and take a walk for fresh air.


Lastly, what excites you most about the remainder of the 2019 season?  We have some great young players who have joined the Ratettes this year and I am excited to see how they develop over the season. I also am looking forward to the next Derby Day at Rat Park. It is always an exciting day watching rugby!


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WRC FAMILY SHOWCASE – Jill & Murray Ward.

Tell us in 30 seconds about yourselves and the Ward family. 
We are a family of six – Murray, Jill, Sam, Anna, Lachlan and Beth.
We are a family blessed with a respect for each other, a love like no tomorrow and a bond that will never break us. We are lucky as a family to be able to spend so much time together, something that has always been a priority for each of us. We live in a beautiful home built by our beautiful son and brother, Lachie. We love camping, 4X4, rugby and country music – just to name a few things on a very long list! Our extended family includes our English Staffie Duke, Ellen (Sam’s fiancé), Mark (Anna’s partner) and Angus (Beth’s partner) and recently Lily (Anna and Mark’s daughter).
Murray and Jill, your son Sam says that you were both born to be parents, that you’re very caring and giving. What do you consider to be your greatest parental achievements?
Answered by Sam, Anna and Beth 
Our mum and dad are humble. They’re our biggest cheerleaders in all aspects of life, whether it is a small achievement or a large one they are always there to support us. Our parents have brought us up to be the people we are today, and we would say that that is their greatest parental achievement, outside of their own successes. Our parents have created an extremely nurturing and unique bond that we hold so dearly. We have special traditions whether it is our weekly dinners, lengthy birthday cards, countless hugs and “I love you”, holidays or just being there to support each other. Our parents have instilled family values in us that we will never lose and for that we are eternally grateful.

Murray, who is one of your favourite rugby players of all time? 
Obviously, Sam Ward (duh).

The Rats have been, and continue to be, a part of your life. What does the RATS family mean to you? 
The Rats are our happy place, the genuine care for us and the inclusion of all of our family and the support given to Sam to keep him playing rugby has never been taken for granted by us. We don’t think we could have done it without the Rats.

It’s been 2-years since the Ward family so sadly lost Lachlan whilst playing for the Rats. Can you tell me what the Lachlan Ward Memorial Round means to you and your family.
It is so important to us that Lachlan is never forgotten. Lachie always took the time to see how people were going, he would go out of his way for a chat and to include and help anybody. For him to be remembered in this way is a testament to what he stood for and how he brought the Club together.

Facing the loss of a child may be the hardest thing a parent ever has to do. As a Club, we see you both as warriors who define the word brave. 
A few days after Lachie died, a friend who had also lost her husband and son, said …. “you have a choice here, you can either choose to go down in a big black hole, or you can choose to learn to celebrate Lachie’s life, cherish the time you had with him, celebrate his life and take a step forward each day.” That was the path we chose, and although tough, we have been able to do that with the continued support of the Club and our friends. There are numerous people at the Rats that have and continue to support us. The Club, supporters and players are always checking in on us and that makes us deeply appreciate the arms we feel wrapped around us.

WRC believe that our Sponsors, Supporters and our Players are our finest assets. They are characterised by qualities such as loyalty, commitment and generosity which make the strong foundation of our ‘family’. Who do you feel showcases the Club’s core values and why? 
We feel as though WRC is a particularly special club that showcases these qualities through the whole family – from the game day volunteers, coaches, managers, medical staff, sponsors, Hillbillies and all the players – everyone is genuinely there for each other, creating a very special and unique club. The Club has undoubtably been through some very trying times, both on and off the field but what stands this Club out from the others is their genuine love of family and inclusion.
What’s the fascination with Country music? I’ve been told by a reliable source that “you all love to dance to a good country song”.
Lachlan shared with us his love of country music many years ago. It has been a genre we as a family find very easy and comforting to listen too. We used to all laugh about some of the simple lyrics in the early days but that is what we all love about it. You will often see us all having a dance to country music – it’s easy and anything goes, although we are still trying to perfect the line dancing!

Murray, I heard from a reliable source that you are a good water skier, however summer just gone you had to use 2-skis instead of one. Please explain.
Contrary to popular belief I was once a hybrid of both Sam and Lachie’s body shape, only better! However, fair to say I’m not quite as agile as I used to be. I would mainly put my inability of getting out of the water on one ski (like I used too) down to Sam’s poor boat driving skills and me tearing my hamstring as I went head over one ski. We should leave him to physio and playing rugby because if he is driving the boat, I’d probably tear another muscle and be another patient.

Lastly, what is it like being grandparents to Lily? 
We were blessed to have four amazing, beautiful and talented children each in their own right. Now, adding a new life as Grandparents and for us to see a child born with the undivided love they arrive with, and their happiness with the world they have no idea about is so beautiful. As a grandparent, to be able to watch a child grow and learn, to be able to provide and protect that child, is a gift never to be taken for granted. Lily Lachlan is a beautiful happy little soul and keeps our hearts warm every day.

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